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CarbonWorx (Proprietary) Limited, registration number: 2007/025193/07 trading as CarbonWorx is a subsidiary of FoneWorx Holdings Limited ("FHL"). FHL is listed on the JSE on AltX. FHL owns 70% of CarbonWorx and 30% is held by Carbon Neutral Directory which is a number of individuals who provide expertise to CarbonWorx in the deployment of its various products and services and also provide professional services for the base line studies for various eco systems.
CarbonWorx was formed in 2010 based on 18 months prior research and development undertaken by FoneWorx as part of its development programme to embark upon the journey of mitigation and adaptation solutions to climate change.
CarbonWorx has the benefit of the 14 years that FoneWorx has been in existence and in particular enjoys the technical infrastructure developed by FoneWorx incorporating a range of various technologies including, but not limited to: SMS, IVR, Database Management, Identity Access Management, MMS, USSD and other similar ICT initiatives developed over the last 14 years.
In addition, FoneWorx's management has had over 30 years collective experience in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods environment and this enables CarbonWorx to enjoy the benefit of this knowledge associated with the ICT developments which are intensely deployed in all the CarbonWorx initiatives.
The Board of Directors that have successfully managed FoneWorx over the last 14 years are also the Directors of CarbonWorx and form the executive team responsible for the deployment of the CarbonWorx initiatives in association with various third party professionals who are consulted on an ongoing basis.

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