Tree of the Year 2011

Name: Pappea capensis.
Common name: Jacket Plum, Wild Plum, Indaba tree, Bushveld cherry, Doppruim
Use: Outdoors
Indigenous/Exotic:: Indigenous
Evergreen/Deciduous: Semi-evergreen
Plant Type: Tree
Flower Colour: Greenish or pale yellow
Foliage Colour: Pinky-bronze (Spring) dark green turning yellow (Autumn)
Best Season: Spring to Summer
Light: Sun
Hardiness: Semi-hardy
Attributes:: The seed contains an oil used as a purgative and to treat ringworm
Height (m): 2
Spread (m): 8

Notes: Popular larger garden and park tree; edible fruit; Masai warriors are said to eat the fruit as a blood-strengthening tonic, to gain courage or as an aphrodysiac; some say it is browsed by game and cattle, although this may be in specific regions only; the fruit is made into a jelly, vinegar or an alcoholic drink; the seed contains an oil used as a purgative and to treat ringworm; the bark is also used medicinally; eaten by many bird species, butterflies and other insects

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