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CarbonWorx SMS Mechanics

CarbonWorx offers Suppliers and Retailers a marketing opportunity that enables them to be part of the climate change solution by doing very little more than what they currently do for the promotion of their products using SMS as the bearer technology to enable consumers to send in predefined codes and earn green points.

How does it work?

  • Certain identified products of suppliers sold via the retail network would contract with CarbonWorx to carry the CarbonWorx logo.

    CarbonWorx Logo

  • Each branded product will have a unique code which will be associated to a SMS short code for that particular campaign/promotion rated at an agreed price band i.e. R2 per SMS.
  • The consumer would purchase the product, and via a "call to action" on pack communication, they would SMS the unique code to the short code number.
  • An agreed percentage of the SMS revenue received by CarbonWorx will accrue to the client. The balance would be retained by CarbonWorx for handling, admin and card management.
  • These points or the value thereof would then either be allocated to the customer's CLI (if no card has yet been issued) or to their CarbonWorx card if they have one. The CLI points can be converted to a card at any stage.
  • The participating suppliers can also pass on a pre-defined rebate to the consumer, adding additional points or value to the consumer's account.


  • SMS set-up and production costs are paid by the Supplier/Retailer in line with normal SMS campaigns/promotions
  • SMS cost are paid by the client.
  • Rebates will be paid by the Supplier via CarbonWorx into the client's account.


  Customer "A" = Card number 1264 9832
  SMS points = 180 (from purchasing participating product)
  Coupon points = 250 (from manufacturer/retailer rebate or coupon)
  TOTAL POINTS = 430 (redeemable for trees)

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