Copenhagen Climate Change

The 15th Conference of the Parties (COP-15) of the UNFCCC in Copenhagen ended on December 19, 2009.

Copenhagen Accord

  1. Participants agreed to hold global temperature increases to 2 degrees centigrade and commit to take actions to meet this objective.
    • (Accord never spelled out "what actions" needed to be taken)
    • Common but differentiated "responsibilities" highlights the importance given to the developing countries like India and China. [On 9 March 2010 - China and India formally endorse the agreement struck at Copenhagen].
  2. Accord agrees on action and co-operation on adaptation in the least developed countries and commits developed world to provide financial resources to support adaptation measures in developing countries.
  3. Annex 1 (developed world) and the Non-Annex 1 (developing world) parties of the Kyoto Protocol committed to implement mitigation actions which will be submitted to the UNFCCC secretariat by 31 January 2010.
    • Annex 1 emission reductions will be measured, reported and verified according to transparent and rigorous guidelines.
    • Mitigation taken by Non-Annex 1 parties will be subject to domestic measurement, reporting and verification reported through national communications, with international consultation and analysis.

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