Hegebe Site

Tree Planting and Land Methodology
CarbonWorx is very conscious of the need to address three crucial elements in all of its planting regimes, which include: Climate, Community and Biodiversity.
All CarbonWorx's projects are designed to generate net positive impacts on atmospheric/soil concentrations of greenhouse gases ("GHGs") over the project lifetime from land use changes within the project boundaries.

CarbonWorx has recognized that the success of its projects depends on the effective engagement of local stakeholder employment, skills transfer and clear and precise project management.

All CarbonWorx's projects seek to generate net positive impacts on biodiversity within measured baseline and project timescales.

None of our projects incorporate genetically modified organisms to generate GHG emission reductions or removals. No planting regimes followed by CarbonWorx introduce invasive species, in fact part of CarbonWorx's activities is the removal of invasive species.

Legal Status
All projects are based on a solid legal framework, which includes all appropriate contracts with landowners, trusts and approval by local authorities or chiefs (where applicable).
To this end the first site operated in by CarbonWorx in the Eastern Cape is with the Hegebe Trust and we work very closely with Nkosi Phathekile Holomisa and other trust board and management members.
In the case of the Hegebe Trust, CarbonWorx has secured a 30 year lease with an option to renew.

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