CarbonWorx Card

Individual Cards

The CarbonWorx card is more than just a token, it identifies you as an individual who wants to make a difference. Purchasing a CarbonWorx card is a voluntary process to have a tree planted and make a positive impact on the environment at a micro and macro level.

The registered CarbonWorx cardholder can participate in additional programs to accrue further points through retailers and suppliers (points partners) allowing the cardholder to plant additional trees and also increase their positive impact on the environment and various eco systems. Trees can also be purchased on the CarbonWorx website in addition to accumulating points. The CarbonWorx card is a "passport" that will soon function as a reward programme providing discounts, and the ability to accumulate points which can be redeemed for more trees.

Corporate Cards

We offer corporates a number of options:

  1. Calculate Your Corporate Footprint (we can assist you using the ISO14064 standards).
    When this has been calculated, you can offset all or some of your footprint by purchasing cards for your staff or clients. Each card includes one tree and the value of the carbon offset (independently calculated by a third party - see case studies) can be used to offset your footprint.
    For example, assuming a small company has a footprint of 500 tonnes of CO2e. If they decide to offset the entire footprint they would (based on a calculation provided by us) purchase 227 cards which would include 227 trees with a carbon sequestration value of around 500 tonnes of CO2e. Each tree planted comes with a certificate incorporating: GPS co-ordinates, type of tree planted and offset value. The staff member or client could thereafter use the card for his/her benefit, to accumulate points via points partners. These cards can be branded with the company's logo (minimum order 500 cards).
  2. Purchase cards to give as "corporate gifts" (contact us for more details).
  3. Purchase trees without cards (contact us for more details).

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